About Project
This was a highly requested feature from both our customers and internal teams. Ambassador Boost allows customers to to create and track share links for their virtual events hosted through Intrado’s live streaming product, Studio.
Role: UX Researcher, Product Designer, Visual Designer
Tools Used: Figma
Defining the Feature
In the current landscape, companies are focusing less on selling and more on thought leadership via virtual events. As they look for ways to promote, Ambassador can serve as more than a new customer acquisition channel. At its core, Ambassador is based on sharing. ‍By leveraging our existing features such as Share Links, Refer-a-Friend modules, and Engagement, we were able to provide clients with a method for setting up a simple, turnkey sharing that is focused on a new use case to promote and track engagement at the top of the funnel for virtual events and other marketing initiatives.

Problems Solved
Prior to having this feature customers did not have the ability to create share modules that can be used to track non-commission share links for virtual events. Ambassador Boost is a full end-to-end solution for customers. They now have the ability to create an event share module, track who is sharing the event, and get real time feedback on user engagement.
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